Improving government projects cooperation and creating California’s “welfare”
-- California Business counselling seminar of enterprise bureau

On May 20, 2019, 11 am, Ms. FIONA MA, State Treasure of California, led the leaders of the governor's business and economic development office and the head of California enterprise bureau to hold the " California Business counseling seminar of enterprise bureau " in Hacienda Heights, Los Angeles. More than 100 people of entrepreneurs, researchers, managers and other participants from all over the United States attended the event.


In this seminar, Jonathan Herrea, the director of the California CalSaver program, gave a comprehensive introduction of the simplest and most feasible retirement savings program to all the participants. At the same time, Ms. Elena Miller who is the executive vice director of the California financing (CalCAP) introduced current projects for everyone, especially some important projects of the state of California providing loans to small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as Ms Lillian Conroe who is from the California governor for commerce and economic development office, gave everyone an important speech about how the enterprises make better use of the governor's office of the existing resources to improve the competitiveness of the enterprises themselves.


During the seminar, Mr. Danies Wang, the president of Merion Inc., had an in-depth talk with Ms. Fiona Ma, the State Treasurer of California, introducing the company development and products of Merion Inc. in recent years, and fully discussed how enterprises can enhance their market competitiveness by strengthening cooperation with government projects. Mr. Wang said "In California, we have maintained close cooperation between our companies and the government, the state's low-interest business loans and tax incentives have revitalized our businesses. Strengthening the cooperation between our enterprises and government programs will surely create new business opportunities for our enterprises, thus providing better welfare for our enterprises, employees, and society.