Job Hiring


Merion Inc. is seeking Sr. Pricing Analyst to monitor and forecast market and sales trend, evaluate sales data with statistical software, and report pricing recommendations to management.

We required candidate to meet following requirements:

Master’s degree in Marketing, Statistics, Finance, or other quantitative fields. Also require proficiency with data analysis and quantitative skills.

HOURS/WEEK: Full time. 40hours/week.


Merion Inc. is seeking Biomedical Engineer to to fulfill the company’s highly specialized herbal medical research projects.

We required candidate to meet following requirements:

1. Apply advanced biomedical engineering theories and technologies to upgrade specialized biomedical experimental data used for herbal bio material research and studies pursuant to specific technical requirements, specifications and standards outlined by the biomedical engineering society in the US;
2. Execute, analyze and interpret highly specialized biomedical experimenting data scientific herbal studies and provide technical guidance toward achieving specific research goals and present and interpret research data for scientific analysis and evaluation identify and solve specific biomedical engineering and research problems as needed for system and quality control in order to fulfill the company’s highly specialized herbal medicine research projects;
3. Develop biomedical research objectives, procedures, solutions, and methods utilized for the company’s major biomedical development projects;
4. Be technically responsible for determining the viability of the company’s major biomedical research concepts and targets under Merion’s specific technical standards and criteria.

HOURS/WEEK: Full time. 40hours/week.
EDUCATION REQUIRED: Master’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering

Anyone who with the above qualifications, please mail resume to

Merion Inc.
9550 Flair Dr. #308, El Monte, CA 91731.
POSITION 1: Sr. PRICING ANALYST - Must refer to Job #CAHY1017.