Merion, Inc. receives in a large order after the outbreak of worldwide Covic-19

May 21 in Los Angeles, Merion, Inc and Asia Sunshine (Beijing) International Technology Inc. signed a long-term cooperation agreement.

Although the global economy is still being severely affected by the epidemic, and many industries have been suffered from it, Merion, Inc. is making their efforts to be unique and strong and trying to adjust with the development trend of the era. They have enough courage to explore new markets in China’s major health industry, develop new formula products and finally obtain the significant achievements.

Asia Sunshine (Beijing) International Technology Inc. purchased the first batch of new bio-tech products based on NMN+ special active enzymes with the total amount nearly one million US dollars from Merion, Inc. And Merion, Inc has now authorized this formula to Asia Sunshine as the global exclusive strategic partner.

The predecessor of Asia Sunshine (Beijing) International Technology Co., Ltd. was a physical antibacterial raw material manufacturer jointly established with the project department of Tsinghua University, and they also develop and establish an industrial incubation platform integrating production and sales. In the raging environment of the Covid-19, Asia Sunshine Company keeps pace with the times.In pursuit of the realization of the Chinese nation ’s great health dream and allow more people to achieve healthy youth and longevity, they introduce the high-quality and high-end products developed by Merion, Inc. to China. They plan to open up the global mainstream market. Asia Sunshine merged with a large educational institution with more than 20 years of market experience this year, which has been in a leading position in the Chinese education industry. In the future, Asia Sunshine will aim to spread the traditional Chinese culture and provide high-quality products and services. They will strive for the health and longevity of the Chinese people and for the Chinese nation to realize the dream of a great rejuvenation.

The two parties have signed a long-term cooperation agreement. Danies Wang, chairman of the Merion, Inc said that although the process of resuming production, business and the market is accelerated throughout the United States, the domestic prevention and control tasks are still arduous. We all have to obey the stay home order and make contribution to the control of the epidemic!

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