Official Launch of Merion New York Branch Office

On January 3, 2020, the founder and chairman Dinghua Wang of the public company Merion, Inc in US, and his team went to New York to officially start the New York market for its main product "ReMage-Power-NMN 400mg +".

ADDRESS:37-12 Prince St #9C, Flushing, NY11354

TEL: 626-331-7570 & 626-377-7856

E-mail: &


Mr. Wang also serves as the chairman of the Asian Union Election Committee Education Fund (AUECEF). He has been received by former US President Barack Obama, former US Vice President Biden and the current Speaker of the US House of Representatives and Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi for many times.


Since Mr. Wang founded Merion, Inc in 2007, the company has been adhering to the purpose of "delivering health and benefiting the public” and has been caring for people’s wellness. For many years, it has been committed to the development and promotion of bio-tech products.


The company’s flagship product "ReMage-Power" is rich in NMN active enzyme ingredients. NMN plays an important role in human cell energy production, which can help improve symptoms such as physical decline, lack of energy, mental deterioration, metabolic disorders, and poor sleep.

This product has obtained the functional food export certificate by US FDA.

On October 23, 2019, ReMage Power was approved by US FDA as a functional food. Its efficacy is: promote energy metabolism, cell health, anti-aging, and promote NAD +.

Note: Under the action of NMN small molecules + trace elements + minerals + carriers, it enters the cell and synthesizes one NAD + from 2 NMN molecules, activating all 7 longevity proteins (Sirtuins 1 ~ 7) in human cells, and in the cell Anti-stress, energy metabolism, prevention of cell mutation, apoptosis and aging.


NMN- makes people young is not a dream! (FDA OF UDA-10-23-2019, ID: M44J-5YN5) For inquiries, please refer to the FDA-CAP inquiry system. (Provided by the Department of News and Information)

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